The Hunting farm "Matanski korita"

The Hunting farm ‘Matanski korita’ is situated on the territory of Rila Mountain, the highest mountain in Bulgaria, in the northwest corner of the Rila-Rhodopi mountain chain. The highest peak of Rila mountain - Musala /2925 m/ is the highest in the Balkans and the Eastern Europe.

Along the Rila ridge pass the main Bulgarian watershed that coincides with the Main Balkan watershed separating the drainage basins of the Black and the Aegean Seas. The mountainside has a variety of plant species - about 2000 and various members of the animal world.

The Hunting farm 'Matanski korita’ is situated at the foot of the homonymous peak Kapatnik that is the most southern Rila peak /2170 m/.
Kapatnik peak, as well as Rusalia, Skachkovets and Chakalitsa peaks offer panoramic views of the Pirin Mountain’s ridges.

The Hunting farm is distanced at 120 km from Sofia and 16 km from Bansko.

Bulgaria is among the proven hunting destinations in Europe. The quality of the hunting trophies, the unspoiled nature and traditions, the unique natural features and their diversity has repeatedly returned the fans of hunting experiences in our country.

Serenity and pristine nature preserve the natural habitat of the brown bear, deer, wild boar, chamois, deer and capercaillie.
The hunting fauna’s diversity is also represented by fallow deer, wolf, fox, wild rabbit.

The hunting farm "Matanski korita" is situated on an area of 2500 hectares. Bordered by the Rila National Park, the largest national park in Bulgaria, it is one of the most valuable and largest protected areas in Europe.

The greater part of the park territory is covered with forests of spruce, fir and pine. The fauna of the park is very rich and includes 2934 species of invertebrates and 172 species of vertebrates. Most of them are presented with numerous viable populations. A total of 24 species of vertebrates are registered in the World Red Book as endangered by final disappearance from Earth.

The National Park 'Rila' is inhabited by chamois, capercaillie, hazel grouse and mountain quail; boreal and pygmy owl, marten, and the only alpine ground population of squirrel in Bulgaria. The large carnivores are represented by the brown bear and the wolf. The park is one of the territories in Europe with the most viable populations of birds of prey. At the same time, it represents a major ecological corridor between Europe, Mediterranean and Pre fauna.

Comfortable and modern hunting waits, paths and routes are available at hunters’ disposal allowing to feel the pleasure of different types of hunting and the solitude of the wilderness. Modern feeders are also made for the wild animals.